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To heal man, one has to realize he is dealing with two things –the being AND the body. My nutritional consulting uses the latest cutting edge information on plant based nutrition with cleanses and lifestyle plans designed to help get your body functioning at its optimal performance.

Program Overview

In this program you will address weight concerns or other body image issues.

Patient on Scale

Example weight concerns may include difficulty in accepting your current weight, being overweight, being underweight, gaining and or losing weight.

Image by Taylor Smith

Example body image concerns may include food, appearance, health, attractiveness, style, etc. Other body image concerns can also include body dysmorphic disorders where a person has a distorted image of his or her body. 

This program addresses the mental and psychological aspects of your weight and body image in contrast to a nutritional approach, which focuses on diet alone. In this program you will get to the root of your weight and body image issues.

Your eWellness Coach works to remove the emotional charge, barriers, fixed ideas and other entrapments that are associated with your weight and body image and is aimed at bringing about a greater sense of self and relief surrounding the body.


Before you begin, you create your own personal logon on the eWellness Coach website. Once logged in, choose a date and time to schedule your program orientation with your coach. 

Ready to change your life?


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