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The advantage of having a great memory can lead to a higher

quality of life. 

Recall earlier life and enhance the ability to recall past events. 

Access specific perceptions for a particular past incident. 

Focus on moments of pleasure and the positive in your life.

Program Overview

Stress levels would decrease while performance at work would increase. Learning would become faster and easier.

This program is used to help an individual recall earlier life, enhance the ability to recall past events with growing detail and intensity and to help you focus on the positive in your life.

In this program, your ability to remember will increase as you work through many invitations to remember specific things. 

In this program you will address memory recall or increase your ability to remember.


This program is useful to help prepare you for more challenging techniques; to balance out the negative memories with positive ones or, when you have difficulty recalling earlier life

Included in this program are a numerous list of topics that relate to memory recall including one’s education, health, work, relationships, love, family, groups, plants and animals, material objects, aesthetics and spirituality

Ready to change your life?


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