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Trauma Elimination

This program is a simple and highly structured sequence of steps for permanently

eliminating the negative effects of past traumatic incidents.

Permanently eliminate the negative effects of past traumas

Turn moments of pain and unconsciousness into regular rational memories 

Eliminate the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder

Program Overview

Your EWellness Coach gives appropriate instructions to have you view a traumatic experience thoroughly from beginning to end. 

You locate a specific trauma that you are interested in working on, one with a specific, finite duration. The incident is treated like a “videotape.”

First, you “rewind” it to the beginning, and then "play" it through to the end, without talking about it while you are viewing it. After you have viewed it, then the eWellness Coach asks you what happened, and you can then describe the event or your reactions to going through it. 

In this program you will address steps for permanently eliminating the negative effects of past traumatic incidents.


After you have completed one review (and one description), your eWellness Coach has you "rewind the videotape" to the beginning and run through it again in the same fashion. You will view as much as you are comfortable viewing. 


After several run-throughs, most clients will become more courageous, contacting the emotion and uncomfortable details more and more thoroughly. 

This program is a quick method of effectively reducing the negative effects of past traumatic events.  

Typically, you will reach an emotional peak after a few run-throughs and then, on successive run-throughs, the amount of negative emotion will diminish, until you reach a point of having no negative emotion about the incident


Ready to change your life?


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