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With our coaching people can tolerate life better, one’s happiness, survival and awareness increases. As you focus your efforts on the good parts of you, the bad parts of you tend to vanish. Those areas that you don’t like about yourself is not who you really are, it’s something that has been added to you. When you release all the emotional charge from your life through the wellness programs, you can finally be the person that you have always wanted to be and your abilities become accessible.The mission here is to help set you free so that you can become your true self again and reach your fullest potential. As the client does the work, freedom arises and love and understanding come back to life as past traumas, upsets and confusions are resolved. No matter how thick and heavy the emotional charge we can peel it away. Our life coach works with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. 




The first step is to get in touch with us. Use the form on the Contact page, or email Dan will get back to you within 24-48 hours.




Our life coaching program begins with a complimentary initial interview to explore the issues and areas of life that you wish to improve and to determine whether we believe we can genuinely be of service to you. 




After thoroughly understanding your needs, Dan Freedom will then use the data from the interview to design a tailored made program to suit what you desire to achieve. From here we schedule your first session. Your life coaching services are custom designed specifically for you. They aim to resolve immediate problematic situations, traumatic incidents, relationship difficulties and other conditions that get in the way of living a high quality of life. 




The typical session lasts approximately an hour and a half but can vary depending on what we are addressing in that session. Therefore, sessions don’t have a set length of time; they end once we reach a point of resolution for that session. Programs are complete once you are cleared from your unresolved past experiences. Typical programs last between 15-20 hours per individual but can vary greatly depending on the individual’s life experiences. 

unique approach


Our service differentiates us from mainstream forms of counseling or therapy due to our person-centered approach along with the application of a structured set of techniques that are designed to permit you to examine your own life, mind, emotions, experiences, with the aim of resolving areas of charge which in turn helps to a create a more productive and happy life. In other words, we allow you to come to your own self-realizations since nobody knows your mental or emotional world better than you do. You are the expert of your own life. We find this approach to be very workable.


This is not your typical kind of coaching where the coach gives you information about how to live your life or tell you what is wrong with you or how to fix situations. Realizations and cognitions come from you, the coach guides you to the answers. 


Looking is an educational action in which you, the onlooker observes areas of your life that contain negative emotional charge. The realizations, cognitions and insights as a result of the work that you do with your coach come directly from you instead of being explained, judged or evaluated for you by an outside source. Your life coach will not evaluate, judge, analyze or give you answers about your life. 

session outline


Each session is designed around an area of life that you would like to work on. Various processes are implemented depending on the issues being addressed. One process may make use of repetitive techniques in order to unstick a fixation in your mind or emotions. This repetition of asking each question a large number of times gives you the opportunity to look freshly each time a question is asked and spot what you see. This allows you to go deep into a subject matter and obtain a new depth of understanding of it.


Coaching is done on a one-on-one basis in a safe, secure, online environment in real time that is completely private and confidential. 


Your life coach takes up the issues of most interest and importance to you, addressing each issue with a myriad of processes until you feel that issue is resolved to your satisfaction. Any of your life’s problems can be worked through. No concern is too big or too small to handle. This life coaching has the potential to remove blocks and barriers so that you can find peace in your life. However, results come from hard work on your part and your willingness to confront life itself.


Techniques may include completing a series of tasks in a specific order to achieve our final goal as in handling a traumatic incident. Other techniques may have sets of two or more questions. In which case, the coach asks the question, giving you the opportunity to take a look and observe what you see. Once you are finished with answering the question to your full satisfaction, the coach then asks the next question and so on. This is done with the coach’s complete focus and attention on you with no judgment, evaluation or analysis of your answers.


Each session consists of a communication process of asking targeted questions, getting you to look into your mind for the answer, locating the answer, and then giving the answer to the coach. 


Reactivation of these past negative experiences can even trigger you into reliving past traumas, to varying degrees of severity, without your knowing, accompanied with bad feelings or behavior. Of course these triggers can become deactivated if you change your environment or if enough time passes. However, if a past negative experience is only deactivated, a person might feel temporary relief but the trauma itself can be reactivated later on and effect you as strongly as ever. 

Becoming trapped in any area of life occurs only when one has not given or received answers to the thing entrapping him. 


Quality of life is hindered when painful events of the past or present time problems occur which can get in the way of one realizing their full potential. People’s abilities are dormant when emotional charge exists. Unless that charge is addressed, one’s abilities in life may never be fully utilized and their personal freedom could be blocked, no matter how many strategies someone receives about how to succeed in life. 


Issues adressed: Common issues that clients want to address include: traumatic incidents, relationship difficulties, fragile or low self-confidence, job or career problems, disturbances such as sudden upsets or withheld  communications, financial problems, health concerns, confusions and misunderstandings about life, but can include any subject of interest to you. 

Your coaching focuses on removing this charge.


Charge is the negative emotional force that remains in you from all the struggles, harmful events and traumatic incidents that have happened to you. This build up of destructive charge can ruin your life in every way imaginable, from relationships to financial difficulties and everything else in between. 


Deactivation is different from removing charge in its entirety. In other words, if a trauma is fully discharged, it can no longer be reactivated because it is no longer traumatic. Life can than become more livable and satisfying. That is what this coaching achieves.

In the process you eliminate emotional charge and find new realizations about your self and gain valuable insights that bring clarity and understanding. That which was stuck becomes unstuck and you experience a new sense of relief on the topic being addressed as we reach our end mark for that process. The variety of methods and techniques used work well in handling each area of concern until the area is fully handled.

  • How do I start a session?
    To schedule a session, you can either fill out the contact form or email Dan directly at the following address Then, before your session, go to the waiting room at the following web address from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Please make sure your microphone, speakers and camera are connected and working. Note that you might need to test out different browsers if you run into trouble. iPhone and iPad users may need to use a Safari browser and Android users may need to use a Chrome browser.
  • What time zones are my sessions in?
    When you get in touch with Dan and schedule a session you will determine what time works for the both of you. From here, whatever time you schedule for your sessions will be reflected in your time zone. You don’t need to be concerned with Dan's time zone since he travels and is in different time zones throughout the year.
  • Is life coaching the same as mental health counseling or seeing a psychiatrist?
    Life Coaching is NOT the same as mental health counseling (referalls are made when appropriate). We do not provide medication; we do not accept insurance or write letters for pet support. We also do not offer diagnosis, try to fix you, or give you life advice to solve your problems. In other words, we do not tell you what is wrong with you. Dan Freedom uses specific questions that help you find your own answers; you will amaze yourself with what you come up with and be left with a sense of relief. We focus on regaining your abilities, removing negative emotional charge from your life, eliminating traumatic incidents and helping you reconnect with who you really are again. Many of our clients are mental health therapists themselves who come and get their case handled by our coach. Our service is non denominational and caters to all people regardless of religious affiliations, culture, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • Is there a time commitment for the Life Coaching Programs?
    It is recommended that you commit to 10 sessions but this is not mandatory. Some people take less time to complete their program; others may take much longer, depending on an individual’s case. If you are not sure if life coaching is right for you, we highly recommend to start with an initial interview to determine whether you would make a great candidate for coaching.
  • What if I need to cancel a session? What if I don't show up?
    You may cancel a session but out of courtesy and respect for our coach’s time please give advance notice. You will not be charged for canceling an appointment ahead of time, however if this seems to become a problematic situation your coach may need to address it with you and find out a solution that works. Remember to sync your session with your favorite calendar app (iCal, Google, Yahoo, Outlook) to make sure you do not forget. If you are going to be late to a session, please inform your coach as soon as possible.

Ready to change your life?


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