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Solutions for Difficult Conflicts


On this course you will learn: 1) The true origin of all strife and war amongst humans 2) Why it may seem like resolving some conflicts is next to impossible 3) The specific methods you need to identify the source of discord and the reasons why doing so can pave the way to settling any dispute There appears to be widespread difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Conflicts arise everywhere: at home, between neighbors, and on a national scale. Does it have to be this way? Many researchers in the social sciences and humanities agree that this is the case. They say that because of Man's long history of fighting, we can conclude that Man has animal instincts or that he is inherently antisocial and violent. It turns out that most humans actually prefer quiet lives. But he can be provoked to hostility and violence on both an individual and a group level. It's been found that a fundamental and natural law of human relations exists. This law explains why resolving conflicts between individuals is so difficult. If you want to have better personal and professional relationships and handle conflicts with poise and confidence, then this course is for you. You will leave this course with the knowledge and ability to immediately put what you've learned to use in your own life, allowing you to take meaningful steps toward your goals and effect positive change in the world.



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